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Lots of online shops these days offer a sea of different options for shipping. The most popular are now collection points, so you can pick up the products yourself at a time of your own choosing. The option is therefore extraordinarily simple, and often also the cheapest type of delivery.

You should also choose to have the order sent to your place of residence or to your place of work. The option is mostly a little bit more costly, but at the same time exceptionally smart. The least expensive delivery version cannot be denied that you pick up the products yourself, which unfortunately depends on you living close to the e-shops warehouse.

Quite a lot of internet retailers perform delivery after a single working day for a number of item numbers, but which, after all, is conditional on the order being completed before a given time, so that they have a chance of getting the new items packed before the logistics employees have time off.

Some online retailers offer free shipping, but often this is subject to the condition that you shop for a certain amount. As an alternative, you should grab the cheapest form of delivery, which most often – regardless of whether you stay close to Køge, Rønne or Faaborg – is to have the courier bring your order to a delivery point. Trustpilot always brings reliable options do not reduce the price level of their goods – for girls and boys, and equally for men and women – emphatically, and even sometimes provide free shipping.

On the other hand, it can be profitable from time to time to study some different e-retailers after sales before completing your purchase, so that you are guaranteed to get the least expensive price.

We generally recommend card payments or mobile payments. As another solution, you could use an installment plan from e.g. ViaBill, if you want to pay off the price over a longer period of time.

Before someone shops at a webshop, you could really look at the e-shops terms and conditions, but of course it is not very interesting.

An easy alternative could therefore be to find out whether the online retailer is e-branded, because it is generally a sign that the online shop obeys the official rules, and that the online shop is regularly assessed by professionals there are very familiar with the regulations in the area. This is also a good opportunity to be assisted if you are exposed to problems in connection with your purchase.

Furthermore, we suggest that you take into account the most important guidelines that come into play in connection with the order, such as which right of return the online company operates with. Here it is also crucial that you keep your purchase confirmation at all times, so that you can prove the purchase a second time, whatever you have to buy a gift for a girl or boy.

A large selection of delivery methods

Trustpilot provides reasonably secure solutions for exploring the opinions of various previous buyers and thereby it is suggested that you analyze the webshops ratings before completing your shopping.

Facebook additionally brings you actually desirable chances to get a peek into the online company popularity. Here we see a number of online shops that give customers the opportunity to publish an assessment of their purchase experience, which should also be used to weigh up the experiences of previous customers.

Facts about products and online outlets are updated from time to time, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee against changes that have been made after we last updated our data.